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If you’re planning on opening a new hotel, then you’re going to want to create something worthwhile. In city's like Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Cotswolds have hotels, clubs and restaurants round ever courner. When opening a new business, you need to be aware of location, the current market and how you can make your brand stand out enough to attract custom as soon as you open your doors.


We know that often you’re competing and we know how to create individuality while retaining low costs and high quality. We can help you create bespoke designs that celebrate your brand and excite interest from the masses, but we can do so on a scale that is affordable to you.

At Montpellier builders we are known for our excellent delivery because our reputation is built around us effectively working to time and budget constraints. If you’re looking to build a new hotel or refurbish an existing development get in touch and let us help you find your place in the market.


How we can help you:

  • Design and build a new hotel

  • Expand existing rooms or facilities

  • Add new facilities to your hotel – gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, conference rooms, bars and kitchens, etc

  • Add a car park development in your hotel

  • Add more rooms to your development

  • Expand your franchise and build a new development in line with your current brand

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