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Flat Conversions

If you’re considering converting a house into a set of flats, or vice versa, then talk to us. We have the experience and knowledge of building regulations and planning permission to help guide you from the process from the design phase to the finish.

Rented properties are always in demand so if you’re interested in converting a property into a series of flats, we can take on the project from start to finish. We can convert the property into flats of various sizes so whether you’re looking to accommodate students, working professionals or holidaying guests, we can create plans to suit. From smaller studios to luxurious penthouses we have the capabilities and experience to product exactly what you want.

Perhaps you are looking for a partial flat conversion? If you are looking to partition a part of your home into guest quarters or a residence for staff or security, we can help with this transition creating minimal disruption while we work.


What Is a Flat Conversion?

A flat conversion involves transforming a set of flats into a single large house, or vice versa: turning a house into a block of flats. If you’re a landlord looking to extract the maximum return on a given building, then a flat conversion might allow you to accommodate a few more tenants. This is a popular route for many in areas where rented accommodation is in high demand.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for a larger property for a single person or family to live in, then a layout of flats might be just the right starting point. You might have acquired a building that’s already been converted from a single house into a number of flats, and be looking to transform it back in the other direction. Of course, not every building will fit so neatly into these categories – and you might wish to carry out a flat conversion as a part of a broader renovation.
Flat conversions are a popular means of adapting a property to suit the needs of the owner. You needn’t be constrained by the internal layout of the building when it first comes into your possession; with our help, you’ll be able to transform your property into just about anything you’d like it to be.

The Importance of Experience

If you’re considering a project of this sort, then you’ll need to work alongside an experienced developer who’ll be able to turn your vision into a reality. This becomes even more important if your vision happens to be unlike anything you’ve encountered before – as you’ll need access to considerable expertise to navigate this sort of uncharted territory. We’ve got considerable experience to draw upon; we’ll be able to anticipate and avoid any potential setbacks. At the same time, however, we’re also flexible enough to come up with a solution that matches your needs.


Bespoke Solutions

Naturally, every home is different, and every homeowner will have slightly different needs. Working with a team of designers and local architects will be able to come up with a solution which meets yours.

A flat conversion can be as simple as installing locks on a few choice doors and bricking up a few others. On the other hand, it might be considerably more complicated than that – particularly if your property is listed. However large or small the task, we have the necessary expertise to turn your ideas into a reality.


Partial Flat Conversions

Flat conversions also allow you cordon off part of your house, separating staff quarters from the rest of your home. We can build you a separate apartment within your home for staff or security or reside, which can even have an independent entrance. Or, if you’re looking for something more cohesive, we can build a guest wing on the opposite side of the property. This way, guests will still have access to the rest of the property – but you’ll still retain a measure of privacy and security.

If you employ staff whom you’d like to accommodate in your home for convenience, then a partial flat conversion might be exactly what’s required. If you’re employing a nanny who needs to be on call at any time of day or night, having them living under the same roof will be enormously beneficial. The same advantage also applies to other helpers, like carers, cooks, cleaners and tutors – and those who perform a combination of these functions.

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