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Great store design can have an enormous impact on the shopping experience. You want to give customers the space to walk around the shop and find everything they need, but you don’t want potential customers to glance in, see a limited amount of items and walk out. Retail design is extremely important for engaging customers and we can help design you a shop that will improve your sales.

Planning for Success

However large or small your store is, the earliest planning stage will centre around the floor. We’ll evaluate where you’re getting the best possible use from your floorspace, and where improvements could be made. Having to wait for other customers to move is tiresome – and it has the potential to dissuade even the most patient customer from returning. By simply moving around a few displays in key areas, you’ll be able to encourage customers to spread out and use the entire floorspace; and you might even bring them into contact with a few more products, too.


Of course, our remodelling services go far beyond moving a few displays around. We’re also able to make considerable structural changes to the building itself. We’ll be able to apply for the necessary planning permission, and deal with building regulations on your behalf – leaving you free to concentrate on your business.


If you’re operating from a listed property, then you’ll be obliged to preserve it. Our expert team will have an excellent understanding of what can and can’t be achieved, and will be able to come up with a plan that’ll suit your store.

Shop Refurbishment

In some instances, a sense of space is what’s called for. A little bit of extra headroom might be far preferable to an excess of shop floor. In such cases, removing a section of ceiling might be advantageous. You’ll be able to give your customers a sense – however subtle – of freedom as they move around the shop, and remove any nagging sense of claustrophobia. We’ll also be able to create new walls, or remove existing ones, in order to create an open-plan effect, or to section your store off into individual partitions.


If you’re looking to expand the floorspace in your store, but you’re constrained by the footprint of your site, then the addition of new floors above or below might provide exactly the solution. A basement section can be modified to accommodate customers, allowing you to stock niche products which would otherwise need to be avoided. For the same reason, you might wish to expand your store upwards, creating new floors above the existing ones. With an excellent knowledge of what is and isn’t possible, we’ll be able to deliver a sizeable improvement on the state of your store.

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