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Bars, clubs and restuarants

We provide refurbishment solutions for an entire range of different commercial premises. In doing so, we aim to create a fantastic environment for your staff to work in, and one that will produce a luxurious experience that will impress customers and keep them coming back for more.

A bar, club or restaurant relies solely on their reputation, and the food and drink you serve is only a small part. It’s the overall experience people are interested in, and we can help you deliver an unforgettable setting that will entice an audience.

  • Perhaps you’ve taken over the premises from existing business and have big shoes to fill?

  • Perhaps the business isn’t booming and you’re hoping a new image will turn things around?

  • Perhaps you’re a new brand looking to make an impact?


Whatever you’re trying to achieve, our construction professionals and working with local architects will help your business create a noise.

Increase Capacity

Of course, the best reason to refurbish a club is that there’s simply too much demand for the existing layout to cope with. In such a case, you’ll want longer bars that can serve more customers in a given time span.


You might want to expand the available space by knocking through walls, or by installing additional floors in between the ones you already have. More ambitious projects might even see the bottom of the venue expanded with the conversion of existing basement spaces, or the excavation of new ones. You might even add more stories to the top of the building, or a rooftop space where your customers can wander outside during summer to enjoy the open air. Add a little bit of heating, and they’ll be able to do so comfortably during winter, too.

Transform Your Venue

Perhaps just as important are the aesthetic impacts of a well-judged refurbishment: executed properly, a refurbishment can dramatically alter the look of your premises. You’ll be able to create a buzz that’ll draw both new and old customers back on a tide of free publicity spread by word-of-mouth. This effect will feedback on itself, as customers tell their friends, who in turn tell their friends.

If you’re running a restaurant, then why not incorporate a water feature into the centre of the dining area. Open-plan kitchens, which allow diners to see the cooking being done, are particularly effective where food is prepared in an unusual way; steaks and souvlaki cooked over a pit of incandescent fire is a spectacular sight – why not tap into that spectacle by placing it at the centre of attention? Or, if you rely on talented bartenders who mix elaborate cocktails, then why not ensure that the process is visible from all around with a series of mirrors around the top of the bar?

To set yourself apart from the crowd, creative thinking is essential. With the right designers on board, you’ll be able to come up with features that will distinguish your venue from the rest of the entertainment industry.

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